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Northern Kansai’s Big Three
Travel across Northern Kansai to it’s most popular sites. On this itinerary you will stay in a traditional ryokan in the popular hot spring town of Kinosaki Onsen, known for its seven public onsen. Cycle across a pine tree covered sandbar and visit Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three most scenic views. Explore Ine, a traditional fishing town and its beautiful boathouses that sit right on the bay. On your last day in Northern Kansai, cycle through the countryside while visiting the workshops of local artists and taste test locally brewed sake, including rare red sake.
Kansai International Airport / Osaka

Travel from Kansai International Airport to your hotel in Osaka.


Explore Kinosaki Onsen, which is home to seven public onsen (hot springs). The town is one of Japan’s best places to experience the traditional onsen culture.

Activity & Sightseeing Suggestions
Kinosaki Tourist Information Center SOZORO
Visit SOZORO to get tourist information and travel brochures. English-speaking staff is available.
Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway & Onsenji Temple
No visit to Kinosaki Onsen is complete without a stop by the historic Onsenji Temple, located half way up Mt. Daishi. The summit commands a beautiful view which received a star by the Michelin Green Guide.
Seven Onsen
The best way to experience Kinosaki Onsen is by wearing yukata while “onsen-hopping” your way through the town’s seven public bathhouses.
Stay in a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)
Guests staying at one of the local ryokan, they will be provided with yukata and an onsen pass with one can visit onsen as many times as desired until 3:30pm on the last day of their stay.

Modes of transport: Train via Japan Railway
Suggested Stay in: Kinosaki Onsen

Head to Amanohashidate, the site of one of Japan’s three most beautiful views. Just a short bus ride from Amanohashidate, Ine is also a popular destination with boathouses built along the bay.

Activity & Sightseeing Suggestions
Amanohashidate Cycling
The best way to get from Amanohashidate’s Monju side to Kasamatsu, on the opposing side of the sandbar, is by cycling through the pine trees on a rental bicycle when the weather is nice. There are also guided cycling tours using e-bikes.
Kasamatsu Park
Kasamatsu Park is an observatory where you can overlook Amanohashidate from the north side. Take the monorail up, climb to the observation deck of Kasamatsu Park, and enjoy one of Japan’s three most scenic views.
The view from here is called Shoryukan, or “rising dragon view”, because the sandbar looks like a dragon rising to the heavens when you look at it flipped upside down. To see this you bend over and look between your legs in a stance called matanozoki. Here it is also famous as the origin of matanozoki stance.
Guided tour around Ine’s funaya and mondori experience
A complete Ine experience. A guided tour where you can experience Ine’s funaya, or boathouses, and the unique fishery of Ine. You can also try a sake tasting at Mukai Sake Brewery, which is famous for its “Ine Mankai” or “Ine in Full Bloom”, an ancient red rice sake.
Sea taxi
Take a 30-minute boat tour around Ine Bay with a local fisherman on his fishing boat to see the boathouses from the water. It’s also a fun way to hear about local life directly from the fishermen.

Modes of transport: Train via: Kyoto Tango Railway (KTR) and city bus
Suggested Stay in: Amanohashidate or Ine

Activity & Sightseeing Suggestions
Kyoto Inaka Cycling
A cycling tour to explore the Kameoka basin. Enjoy the countryside and visit the workshops of unknown craftsmen. You can enjoy the charm of the seasons, workshop atmosphere and the fresh air, smell, and sounds of the countryside with an English guide.
Local cuisine lunch
Relax and look back on your travels at a hideaway restaurant, that can’t easily be reached on your own but the food here is guaranteed delicious.
Visit a local Sake Brewery
Why not choose your own sake to enjoy your last night here? Feel free to drink and compare as much as you would like. Enjoy the charm of sake made without any additives.
Stay in a traditional house style accomodation
If you weave your way along, you will find a wonderful inn directly in front of the sake brewery. Built in a 100-year-old building, this contemporary inn offers excellent cuisine prepared by local chefs.

Modes of transport: Train via Kyoto Tango Railway (KTR) and Japan Railway.
Suggested Stay in: Kameoka

KYOTO / Kansai International Airport

Enjoy your last day in Kyoto City before heading home via Kansai International Airport.