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Funaya Boat Houses (Ine)
The village living closest to the sea
Image of Funaya Boat Houses
Image of Funaya Boat Houses and Map
Map of Funaya Boat Houses (Ine)

“Ine-no-Funaya (the boat houses of Ine)” are constructed such that the first floor is a garage-like space for boats, with living quarters upstairs. The row of approx. 230 boat houses surrounding the Ine Bay is a unique sight found nowhere else in the world.

Ine Bay Boat Tour
Ine Bay Boat Tour

The “Ine Bay Boat Tour”, an approx. 25-minute tour of the Ine Bay, offers a view of the boat houses that cannot be seen from land. Bird feed is available for purchase at the pier inside the boat. Hold some out from the boat and watch the seagulls gather.

Rental Bicycle
Rental Bicycle

Take a leisurely ride around Ine on a rental bicycle.

Sake from Mukai Shuzo
Sake from Mukai Shuzo

Open every day. Mukai Shuzo has been in the sake business for approx. 260 years since establishment in 1754, Mukai Shuzo is currently headed by a female master brewer. The brewery’s hit sake, “Ine Mankai”, is created from an ancient variety of rice, which gives it a red color, and has a fruity flavor.

Getting to Funaya Boat Houses in Ine
By train & bus

You can get to the Funaya Boat Houses in Ine from Amanohashidate Station by taking the local bus towards “Ine or Kamanyu or Kyougamisaki”. From Amanohashidate Station it is about an hour ride.