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Renovated in July of 2008 with the theme of quiet calmness. An inn with meals homemade with the good fortune of the sea.


A special plan at a reasonable price including a portion of shabu shabu hot pot, seafood salad and tempra.

Dinner and breakfast included

「A special plan at a reasonable price. (〜2019年09月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

This plan was made to answer to visitors who wanted to have both abalone and Tajima beef. Sliced abalone for shabu shabu to enjoy its sweet taste and texture, less fat healthy grilled Tajima beef, deep-fried crispy inshore fish and seafood salad. A lot of delicious dishes are all included in this plan. Do not be missed!

Dinner and breakfast included

「 “Delicious-packed plan" abalone+grilled Tajima beef + deep fried inshore fish. (〜2019年09月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る