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Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei

Renovated 2017! Luxurious hotel & ryokan with private onsen baths & free shuttle.


Winter kaiseki menu featuring snow crab, fresh seafoods from Sea of Japan & Tajima beef. Breakfast buffet included. *NOTE: crab used is frozen, imported snow crab.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Snow Crab and Tajima Beef Kaiseki (〜2019年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Full course kaiseki dinner where almost every dish features snow crab. Tajima beef dish not included (available as side order). *Frozen imported crab used. Breakfast buffet included.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Crab Full Course Kaiseki Dinner(〜2019年03月31日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Western-style restaurant dining featuring with seafood dishes & one dish of special dry-aged Tajima beef. Breakfast buffet included.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Western-Style Dinner with Dry-Aged Tajima Beef (〜2019年09月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner served privately in guest room, features fresh seafoods & Wagyu beef. * Guests booking western-style room enjoy dinner in separate, private dining room.

Dinner and breakfast included

「Seasonal Kaiseki Dinner(〜2019年09月30日まで)」プラン詳細を見る

Breakfast buffet included! Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese & Western-style breakfast foods.

Lodging with breakfast